Thursday, April 27, 2017

History and WWI coverage and awareness in 2017

Anytime you hear of past history, there is quite extensive coverage of WWII. However, in order to understand WWI, we need to understand all that happened and key players in destructive behavior and creation of man made disasters, uprooting of indigenous people, global refugee situation.

The film, The Promise, was brilliant in representing a glimps of the brutality and how it was being hushed severely by Turkish authorities in early years of the 20th century. It's a must watch movie to have an introduction of WWI and then you could do further research to learn what was hidden and to this date being rewritten be the perpetrators. Got to watch is to understand how even to our day it still continues in Asia Minor and the Middle East and it's social impact and uprooting of innocent residents of various countries. Including members of the military in Turkey. Yesterday alone Turkey rounded their own soldiers! All 1000 of them!! Your heart goes out to those teens, check the judicial system in that country and it's not the USA at all.

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