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About Gingerread and the Armenian link

  Interesting fact:  Gingerbread was brought to Europe in 992 by the Armenian monk Gregory of Nicopolis (Gregory Makar) (GrĂ©goire de Nicopolis). He left Nicopolis Pompeii, to live in Bondaroy (France), near the town of Pithiviers. He stayed there seven years, and taught gingerbread baking to French Christians. He died in 999.
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Covid vaccine death news - November 2022

  Sergeant News Network  @Sgtnewsnetwork U.S. Attorney confirms over 500,000 deaths after m®NA inje©tions in the United States, millions injured around the world with neurological disorders, thrombosis, myocarditis, autoimmune diseases and many more The CDC and Pfizer knew in advance what it would do and hide the data   And this gamer live dies suddenly - check out this twitter   Babies born by unvaccinated vs vaccinated. http s //

Food staples to have in the kitchen

  11 Grocery Shortcuts You Should Stash in Your Fridge, According to Chefs and Pro Cooks by Mara Weinraub Mara Weinraub Lifestyle Editor, Groceries Mara is the Groceries Editor at Kitchn. She's fascinated with how we eat and what it says about our society. She lives in New York City where she stocks a minimum of three peanut butter jars in her apartment at all times. Follow   NOTE: I'll take a look at the list and make my own grocery shortcuts or make some of them, adding to my basic staples I already have.   What's your grocery shortcuts? published Nov 22, 2022

Critical thinking and independent living information

  Independent Living Skills   While the independent living skills required to make it through everyday life are second nature to many, no one is merely born with all of them. For most of us, we pick up on these skills as we grow up. During our formative childhood years, we model ourselves after parents and caregivers. For some, inconsistencies delivered by their parents end up inhibiting their own abilities down the line. The following checklist details important independent living skills that everyone should know: How to prepare healthy meals: nutrition information, cooking, and use of utincels Effective exercise and fitness: including scheduling time to stay in shape Household maintenance: proper cleaning and sanitary measures Financial preparedness: how to balance a checkbook, paying bills on time, investing, and saving Effective communication: getting your point across without rambling, how to use emotional language Workplace behavior: appropriate work attire and langu

Narcissists and relationships

  Micromanipulation: The Covert Tactic That Narcissists Use in Arguments to Reassert Control Here’s how to recognize its damaging effects. Stylist Anna Brech Eliciting sympathy and demanding attention are pretty common tactics in the course of your average relationship – but they become especially problematic when a narcissist is involved.  “Micromanipulation” is one in an armoury of emotional tools that narcissists typically use to regain control over their partners during arguments or a trial separation, according to an eye-opening new article on the topic.  

Exercises to strengthen spine muscles

Prevention as we keep hearing is the best way to stay healthy and have a productive life. I'm searching for useful information to get this information accessible. I'll try them as well. Do you do any of these exercises? 5 Exercises To Strengthen Your Deep Spinal Stabilizer Muscles, the Secret To Improving Posture Rebecca Norris August 16, 2022

Farming in the news - August 2022

 Various information regarding farming issues via social media: Via twitter At we have someone with the decency to report on this, othetwise we would never know about these infringements — ULTRA Space Trucker (@VoyagerDream1) August 19, 2022 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