Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Genes and Intelligence

This is very interesting article:

Genetic Intelligence Tests Are Next to Worthless
And not just because one said I was below average.

article by CARL ZIMMER MAY 29, 2018

In my opinion, people could amass a lot of knowledge, however there are other factors that are more important to live a meaningful life. Some could be intelligent, however if they are not street smart and lack imagination to solve problems, they might encounter problems in their life. The inability to adapt could hamper progress in life. A well balanced life is important. We encounter people with great intelligence, however they might make choices that surprise us, like were they even thinking?

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Relationships and personalities

Along our life's path, we meet variety of persons and personalities. Be it the family we are born into, the siblings and relatives. We encounter variety of personality traits and interactions. Some shock us with their behavior and at times you feel as if a brick hit you. Others show great harmony, which comes with maturity, which isn't defined by age. Many go in growing physically, however they are trapped and stop growing after a certain age. Some are at the 2 year old stage, others haven't matured beyond teen years and so on.

Have you been the one who always has loved your family and siblings, however met with constant stone walling and abusive behavior? Are you surprised and unable to understand why kindness is met with hostility? Here is an article I would like to share with you. This article tries to help those whose empathy is met with shocking behavior and how to stop it! Your comments and insights are welcome!

Why Empaths Attract Abusive People And How To Stop It

Quote: " Empaths like to help people. They try to see the best in people. They give people the benefit of the doubt.

They take responsibility for their actions and apologize when they find they’ve hurt someone. They believe that other people are good, decent, and fair, too.

Those are good things, right? Well, not always.

The full article is at: