Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Healthy 5-Ingredient Granola Bars

Healthy recipies to try

In an effort to eat healthier and avoid store bought snacks full of sugar and additives, I did online search. Here is some of the links I compiled, I hope you will find them useful.

Let me know which recipes you tried and if they were as good as it sounded:
This website has Whole 30 recipes - 25 paleo breakfast energy bar recipes.

Paleo Cashew Protein Bars - when I get these ingredients. I'll try to make them for my family.

I have cooked pumpkins, I would try making it today: Paleo pumpkin protein bar, the best part is, no need to bake it!

How about no bake granola cookies?

Friday, December 1, 2017

How much exercise do you need?

Most of us fall in the category of doing everything sitting down. At times I feel like getting up and walk. I wish I walked more often. What motivates you to move often? I keep track of it via my iPhone app. It helps checking how much I have walked each day. I love walking in Manhattan, I can easily do over 10k steps! However, at home area, I have to make an effort to get up and walk! Today after taking care of updating a website, at five pm I decided I had to go out and walk. The good thing is that two long blocks away we have an open mall. Vibrant with many boutiques and restaurants, stores I like to frequent. I did about 3k.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

How To Make Manti Armenian Manti Recipe Heghineh Cooking Show

How To Make Manti Armenian Manti Recipe Heghineh Cooking Show: Watch Heghineh Cooking Show - Armenian Manti Recipe A dish called Manti: baked dumplings served with garlic yogurt, and tomato sauce. Super easy to make, if you make it not quite traditional shape, I mean, size. As Manti is an almost miniature size dumpling that may take quite a long time to fold. And as usual, I like to make time consuming things in shortcut mode and thought if I make these a bit larger, I’ll finish faster and trust me the taste remains exactly the same: super delicious! Hope you give this Manti recipe a try and I can assure, Manti will be your next favorite dish. Bon appetit ! For Home Cooking Classes Remember to Subscribe Subscribe to Heghineh in Armenian Subscribe to My Vlog Subscribe to Heghineh Music Visit My Website Buy fruit lavash by Heghineh Shop from my Etsy Store Like My Page on Facebook Follow Me on Instagram Arqa and Lousin More YouTube videos by Heghineh Armenian Cuisine Recipes Pastry Recipes Dinner Dish Recipes Appetizer Recipes Cake Recipes Bread Recipes Cookie Recipes Candy Recipes Summer Treats Pasta Dish Recipes Salad Recipes Preserves Recipes Comfort Food Recipes Vegetarian Recipes Vlog website: facebook : Google + : Instagram: Twitter : Tumblr : Pinterest : How To Make Manti Armenian Manti Recipe Heghineh Cooking Show Uploaded on YouTube by Heghineh Cooking Show

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

List of organic vitamins that are non-GMO

Based on the recommendations of a friend of mine who survived cancer since 2009. She was at stage 4 cancer. This is the vitamin brand that she uses and I'm passing on the information to you. The brand is New Chapter:

Here is links of vitamins you might take:

Multi Vatamins for women 40+ is:

Multi Vatamins for men over 40 years old:

Calcium supplement 180 count: