Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Healthy food sources and farms on instagram

I am a big fan of healthy living and finding farmers markets. Naturally, on Instagram, I follow those resources, specially in New York and all over the US.

I will share with you in my blog some of the ones I find:

I follow Farm to Me and they share many amazing food resources. Farm2.Me is an online farm-to-fridge network •Making local food more accessible thru social media, events, markets, & farm collab COMING FALL '16. Their instagram link is:

Today I'll share with you about: Family owned and operated beef cattle ranch 🐃🐏🐓🐖🐎 that's located in Howell, MI ✋🏼 Their Facebook page is:

Here is a beautiful photo of happy lamb family

2 DAYS. 3 SHEEP. 4 LAMBS. Happy days!!

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Farm to Me today shared San Francisco, CA: Seasonal Plum + Almond Scones at

San Francisco // CA: #Seasonal Plum + Almond Scones at @Batter #Farm2CA

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