Friday, July 22, 2016

Selected health related books

On this page I will add selection of health related books:
I will update this page often as I find health books


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What causes water in your heart?

I did some research for a dear very young person in his early 20s, who recently has the issue of water in his lungs.

I always want to find the cause of any medical situation. Hence here are my findings and sharing with you. I hope you will find it useful. Let me know if you have any comments or additional suggestions regarding this health problem:

I found out that this condition is referred to as called: Pericardial Effusion. WebMD has great detailed explanation at the following site:
As per the above article, the causes might be one of the following:
"...Many pericardial effusions are caused by particular medical conditions, such as HIV infection, lupus, or tuberculosis. In these cases, treating the underlying medical condition will often help treat the pericardial effusion."

Here is a second source that discusses about pericardial effusion: at Everyday Health:
In this article, there might be several causes: here is a quote "... The causes of percarditis are many and varied, ranging from an infection or a drug interaction to an autoimmune condition, such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus."

Cleveland Clinic as well covers this medical condition. Check it out for symptoms and treatments:

5 Signs You'll Get Alzheimer's Disease - Dr. Russell Blaylock Offers Cru...

Anytime I read about a pitch, I try to do my own research about the validity of a claim. So here is what I found: Here is a report about Dr.Blaylock worth reading Your input is important. Let's hear from you. Have a healthy, disease free day!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

8 Herbs To Improve Digestion

Once in a while me might develop digestive problems. Here is a website that has great infographic related to improving our digestive system. 8 Herbs To Improve Digestion (Infographic) By Melissa Gundersen | July 28, 2015 - even though it's written a year ago, it's very relevant. What else you might like to add to this list? Let's hear from you!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Alarming health Chemtrail Flu

This is very alarming, read this article about: Chemtrail Flu Recent article: Title: Heads UP! Chemtrail Flu Going Viral Worldwide; Aerosol Spraying Vaccines Now!!! conspiracy, geoengineering, health, mind control, NASA April 14, 2016